Mira Muse - Bespoke arts and cultural initiatives

Mira Muse conceives, designs and produces bespoke arts programs and cultural initiatives for hotels.

How we do it

  • Strategy

    The bigger picture. By understanding your values and the scope of your ambition, we can identify the path for cultural engagement that is most relevant, meaningful and impactful.

  • Concept & Planning

    The nitty gritty. We identify cultural opportunities, shape imaginative, bespoke concepts and create a comprehensive plan for it’s execution.

  • Implementation

    Build and maintain. With a rich cross atlantic network of remarkable people, and tons of on the ground experience we’ll execute and manage a vibrant, innovative, enriching cultural initiative.

  • Engagement

    Communication. We advise on how best to engage and activate your audience through collaboration with your PR, marketing and communications teams to produce and integrate a communication and content plan into your existing strategy. 

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Danika Druttman

Mira Muse was founded by Creative Director Danika Druttman. Based between New York and London, Danika assists hotel brands in all phases of strategy, concept & planning, implementation and communication of arts programs and cultural initiatives.

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Danika Druttman