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Rachel Wolff
New York

Rachel Wolff is a writer and film maker based in Brooklyn NY. She is currently writing her first novel and runs SandenWolff, a boutique film production company with her husband.

Whether a tourist or a local, we suggest taking Rachel’s culinary and book store recommendations, they impeccable. Tried and true!

1. What do you call home?

My apartment in North Park Slope. And the coffee shop downstairs. And the grocery store across the street.

2. Most memorable meal?

Paccheri with pork ragu and goat cheese; hanger steak tagliata; and ricotta fritters at Al di la, but probably because I have it so often… Also up there are recent excursions to Fausto and Miss Ada. And the time I went to Rucola (a long time favorite…) and Ethan Hawke was there.

3. One piece of unmissable art

I love directing people toward Dia’s two permanent installations in Soho, Walter De Maria’s The Broken Kilometer and The New York Earth RoomEntering these spaces is like a wormhole into a bygone time, another world…

4. Your soundtrack to New York

St. Vincent. Her song, “New York,” if you’re a New Yorker (or a former New Yorker) and you want a good cry, her eponymous album from 2014 if you don’t.

5. Best thing to do before 9am

Write, drink coffee, enjoy silence. Having and/or spying-on power-breakfasts at Balthazar in Soho is fun too.

6. Famous New Yorker living or dead you’d have lunch with

The writer Dorothy Parker. And it would probably be a liquid lunch somewhere like King Cole Bar or the Carlyle.

7. Store you cant live without

Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene. Also: Community Bookstore in Park Slope and Books Are Magic in Cobble Hill.
Basically this is me…

8. Best book to read before visiting New York

Right now? Probably Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities. But also: Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin, Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay, Paula Fox’s Desperate Characters, James Baldwin’s Another Country, and Patti Smith’s Just Kids.

9. Biggest extravagance

See above. But also massages at D’Mai Urban Spa in Park Slope.

10. Favorite travel buddy

My husband, though Mira Muses’s own Danika Druttman is no slouch!

Rachel Wolff and Jon Sanden, Jerusalem 2018

11. Favorite place to escape for a city break

Another city, usually—and ideally, Paris! But I’m a sucker for nice inns in the Catskills too, like the North Branch Inn, where the food and drinks are amazing and there’s an old-timey bowling alley downstairs.

12. First thing you do when you get back to New York

Dinner at Al di la followed by a long walk in the neighborhood wherein my husband and I try to casually peer into the windows of all the brownstones we wish were ours.